Chemical and Physicaly – Chemical Analysis

In the Department of chemical and physical-chemical analyses, chemical and physical-chemical examination of food (meat and meat products, grains, milling and bakery products, pasta and frozen dough, dietetic food stuffs (foods for children), milk and dairy products, eggs and egg products, honey and other bee products, edible oils and fats of vegetable or animal origin, cocoa- and chocolate products, chocolate-like products, cream products, spices, teas, soups, soups and condiments, cooking salt) and animal feeds, is carried out.

The beginning of the work (1958) of the Department of chemical analyses of meat and meat products is linked to the Chemical laboratory of the Department of Meat Hygiene and Technology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade. Since its establishment, the activity of this department has been focused on developing and establishing methods for testing meat, meat products and certain ingredients of the brine, as well as the training of young college-educated professionals to work in the laboratories of the meat industry plants. Simultaneously begins intensive study of the problem of animal and vegetable fats. In the last 20 years, the development of methods of testing the quality has been extended to other foods as well as animal feed. Today, the Department uses 131 accredited methods (standard and “in house” developed, i.e. documented methods) for the needs of chemical and physical-chemical analysis of the quality of food and feed. Analytical tests are based on spectro-photometry, volumetric, gravimetric, as well as chromatographic methods (GC and HPLC). The Department uses and develops the most modern analytical methods, and the results of its total work are at the level required by both science and practice.

In addition to testing of the quality of food and animal feed, staff of the Department are engaged, professionally and scientifically, in collaboration with the industry of meat/fish and fish products, which includes both current issues, as well as joint research in the field of chemical analysis and the science of chemistry of meat/fish meat. Also, the Department has a long and successful cooperation with universities and a large number of research organizations in the country and abroad and participates in the implementation of the national scientific projects, alone or in cooperation with other institutions. The associates of the Department are engaged in the work of different commissions of the Institute for Standardization, Belgrade (meat and meat products, oils and fats of vegetable or animal origin, milk and milk products) and participate in drafting of SRPS standards in these areas. In addition to their regular obligations and activities in analysis and research, all employees of the Department actively participate in the improvement of the quality management system (SRPS ISO 17025, SRPS ISO 9001).

In line with the growing interest of consumers for quality and other characteristics of the food they consume, as well as the current status and trends in the world, the demands of science, profession, production and consumption, the activities of the Department are focused on the examination of the nutritional value of food stuffs.