Cooperation with Food Business Operators


Innovations and changes in the food sector are largely taking place at all stages of the food chain – from primary production, food processing, animal feed and food, to the storage, transporting and distribution. Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology (INMES) is closely monitoring the current global trends and applies the knowledge of its professionals in order to improve safety and quality in the food chain, and food products of animal and vegetable origin.

Sector of Development and Technology Transfer of the Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology realizes scientific-technical cooperation with leading food industries, as well as small/medium enterprises in Serbia, Southeast Europe and globally. The cooperation includes the development of new manufacturing concepts, the introduction of new/modern technological processes in meat production and processing, technical and technological design of facilities for the production and processing of meat, rationalization and standardization of the production of meat/meat products, the development and optimization of the control system of food safety based on risk analysis (GHP/SSOP/HACCP), scientifically based validation of critical control points, the development and implementation of programs for self-monitoring, industrial/technological measuring of physical parameters of importance for the management of the production process (temperature, pH, aw, thermocoupling – validation of heat treatment, relative humidity, air flow, speed of light), development of the evaluation of the quality of meat and meat products, the introduction of the system of control of materials for packaging meat/meat products, the realization of feasibility studies of food and other activities as required. Associates of the Sector of Development and Technology Transfer also cooperate with companies when it comes to issues of particular importance, e.g.: longitudinal development of an integrated system for food safety (LISA – Longitudinally Integrated Safety Assurance System) in the continuum farm-slaughterhouse-slitting-processing meat-distribution-retail; analysis of the capacity of slaughter lines/processing for the purpose of reducing microbiological hazards and categorization of production departments based on risk characterization; analysis, development and application of technological processes related to integrated management of slaughterhouses waste management and environmental protection.

Sector of Development and Technology Transfer of the Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology also prepares and implements training of experts in the field of food industry/meat in the field of animal welfare, good hygiene and good manufacturing practice (GMP/GHP) in the process of slaughtering/processing and meat processing, sanitation procedures – cleaning, washing and disinfection (SSOP), the system of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), validation/verification of HACCP system, validation/verification of the microbiological process hygiene, development of the self-control plan, technological processes in the meat processing and manufacturing of meat (pasteurized products, raw/fermented products, canned, ready meals), legislation (national, EU, USDA FSIS / USDA FDA, Euro-Asian Customs Union, etc.).

In cooperation with our business partners we always strive to development of the system and/or solving problems with a high level of expertise and in the most optimal way, taking into account the financial sustainability.