Sensory, Physical and Parasitological Research/Analyses

The Department of Sensory and Physical Research and Parasitology Performed the following studies:

  • sensory testing (assessment of sensory properties: appearance, odour, colour, consistency, taste) of the samples: meat, milk, fish, eggs and their products, honey, vegetable oils and fats, starch, spices, additives, protein products, animal feed, etc.);
  • checking / correction of the text of the declaration of food for the domestic market, in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia;
  • parasitological visual inspection of the meat and fish;
  • the determination of net weight, weight meat and fish, the percentage of water in the oil, etc .;
  • instrumental determination of the color of meat and meat products (L *, a *, b *);
  • method of artificial digestion using a magnetic stirrer (trichinoscopy of pig meat, horse meat, game meat);
  • checking the quality of the formed joints and sealing of cans;

In the work of the Department, accredited methods are used that are based on ISO and Codex Alimentarius standards.

Associates of the department, who participate in the assessment of sensory properties, have their senses checked internally and externally tested.

External verification of senses of assessors is successfully conducted annually since 2009, in cooperation with the provider of PT tests for sensory studies from the EU.