Testing of Radioactivity


Radiological monitoring laboratory “In Situ” (LAB-060, INN ” Vinča ”), located in the building of the Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology, and based upon the recommendations of the IAEA TRS No.295, with a message

“Analysts taravel to the samples and no longer samples to the analysts.”

This is the first and only laboratory of its kind in Serbia, accredited (gamma-spectrometric analysis and dosimetric measurements) according to SRPS ISO/IEC 17025-2006, ATS 01-063, LAB-060, INN “Vinča” Vinča and location in  13 Kaćanskog street, Senjak, Belgrade.

There is significant justification for the existance of the Radiological Monitoring Laboratory „In Situ“, and it is the recommendation of the IAEA, in regard to the organization of protection against ionizing radiation- in countries of the size such as Serbia, Hungary, Poland, etc., that there is a central radiological laboratory, which has an extremely high level of equipment, the conditions for all complex radiochemical measurements, alpha-spectrometry, gamma-spectrometry, measurement of total alpha/beta activity of water, content of strontium-90 in the water and dairy products, of tritium in water and air, building materials, to monitor content of radionuclides etc., that the laboratory is run by highly sophisticated scientific staff, and that the Monitoring laboratory has scintillation gamma spectrometer, radiation monitor, and inaccessiblenecesary space and facilities for the preparation of samples.

Radiological Laboratory at the site in 13 Kaćanskog street, in regard to the equipment is far beyond the recommendations of the IAEA TRS No.295, because it has a gamma-spectrometer based on HP Ge crystal, three scintillation gamma spectrometers based on crystal NaI (Tl), dosimetry measuring devices, alpha-beta radiation monitors, n, gamma dosimeter, dotted and Marinelli emission standards for different geometry measurements, all the necessary equipment for the preparation of samples, measuring scales, etc.