Д-р Весна Янкович

Research associate

Department of microbiological and molecular – biological research

Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology (INMES)

Kaćanskog 13, 11040 Belgrade, Serbia

Мob: +381 63 86 26 052

Тel: +381 11 26 50 655

Fax: +381 11 26 51 825

E-mail: vesna.jankovic@inmes.rs



2013 – Doctor of Science in Engineering Technology, Faculty of Technology, the Department of Technology of Canned Foods, University of Novi Sad (“Changes of parameters of Petrovačka sausage during the manufacture in traditional conditions and in a controlled environment”)

2003 – Specialist of microbiology with biotechnology, Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad

1998 – Passed professional exam for medical associate, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia

1996 – Graduated Molecular Biologist, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade



2014 – Research associate, INMES

2009 – 2014 – Research assistant, INMES

2004 – 2009 – Researcher – specialist – associate, Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology (INMES)



2009 – Associate in the Department of microbiological and molecular – biological research

2004 – 2009 – Deputy Head of the Department for immune-enzymatic assays/research

1998 – 2001 – Associate, Christian Hansen Laboratory, Belgrade

1997 – 1998 – Associate, City Institute of Public Health, Belgrade



Member of the Serbian Society for Microbiology



Food safety. Development and application of new microbiological methods that are necessary in the control of food, as defined by the European and national legislation.

Technological microbiology – microbiota of fermented dry sausages.

Testing for residues of veterinary medicines in food of animal origin.

Analysis of the presence of allergens in the dietary products and other food stuffs.



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