Д-р Ивана Бранкович-Лазич


Research associate

Assistant Director for Scientific and Technical Cooperation

Institute of meat Hygiene and Technology (INMES)

Kaćanskog 13, 11040 Belgrade, Serbia

Mob:    ++381 638626098

Tel:      +381 11 26 50 655

Fax:     +381 11 26 51 825

E-mail:  ivana.brankovic@inmes.rs


2015 – Doctor of Veterinary Science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade,

(Effect of conjugated linoleic acid in the diet on performance and meat quality of broilers)

2010 – Graduated veterinarian, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade


2017 – Research associate, INMES

2013 – 2017 – Research assistant, Institute of meat Hygiene and Technology (INMES)

2012 – 2013 – Research trainee, Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology (INMES)

2011 – 2012 – Trainee for Researcher, Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology (INMES)

2010 – 2011 – volunteer trainee, Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology, (INMES)


2010 –  Associate in the Sectror for Development and Technology Transfer – Department for Cooperation with the Meat Industry


Safety and quality of food of animal origin, the technology of food of animal origin.

 HACCP food safety assurance system – development, validation of the existing risk analysis, defining and control of the critical control points on the flowchart of production, defining corrective measures.


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Rašeta M, Vranić V, Grubić M, Grbić Z, Branković Lazić I, Jovanović J “Quality of poultry carcasses on the slaughter line in relation to the season”, International 57th Meat Industry Conference, Belgrade (2013), 165-169 (P-02).

Slobodan Lilić, Danijela Vranić, Vladimr Korićanac, Ivana Branković Lazić, Jelena Jovanović, Brankica Lakićević „Water activity and some chemical parameters in dry pork produced with less amount of sodium chloride“, III International Congress „Food Technology, Quality and Safety“. (2016) Proceedings, 92-95