Monograph “Mycotoxins in the food chain – chemical, biological and medical aspects”


Mycotoxins in the food chain – chemical, biological and medical aspects

„One of the main reasons why this publication deserves due attention of the national scientific and professional public is very modest opus of scientific papers from Serbia approaching the topic of mycotoxins with the risk analysis. Although this discipline has been present and current topic in the world for a long time, Serbia’s approach to food safety through risk analysis is still in its infancy.“

Dr. Maja Peraica, PhD – Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Zagreb, Croatia

„The publication in front of us is the result of the efforts of the author to systematize current knowledge of the growing number of those mycotoxins which are significant from the standpoint of food security through a complex process of risk analysis, as well as a generally accepted tool of the scientific community and regulatory bodies in achieving the ultimate goals – from reducing production of mycotoxins to reducing their intake through food.“

Prof. Dr. Breda Jakovac-Strajn, PhD – University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Slovenia